Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Internet Shopping 2.0

Anthropologie unveiled a new Adorned microsite which is a surreal garden of visual delight. If you can imagine what an Anthropologie themed video game would look like, this is it. The design, the planning, the production that went into this microsite must have been pretty colossal. Anthropologie took internet shopping to a whole new - very surreal, quite fantastic, totally innovative, a tad creepy, quite engaging and completely mesmerizing - new level. The whole thing feels like retail science fiction. Is this is the future of Internet shopping ?
Being that Anthropologie is known for their original display design and props, it's only logical that some of this "display design" has made it into their website.
The mini site consists of five themes;

This one's my favorite. Gorgeous accessories combined with gorgeous graphics. The song "Puff the magic dragon" comes to mind.


Uses streaming video as a way to display artsy accessories on live (very spaced out, staring into nowhere, occasionally blinking) models. The silence of the video, the solid background and the blank expressions on the faces of the models has a a bit of a 'solitary confinement in the insane asylum' feel to it. Yes, I get it, she's a work of art. Creepy.

Suddenly I'm in the mood for some tango. Remember the Besame Mucho scene from Great Expectations?

Has the feel of peering through a telescope into the Milky Way. At first scattered Anthropologie bric-a-brac appears dispersed on the white background, and 'click', you can zoom in closer, much much closer. Whoah I want that clutch closer! Look closely please, can you see my name on it?
This Tooled Leather Clutch is what I imagine carrying if a fairy godmother was sending me to a ball.

Catch those flying shoes!

When they put it this way, I don't nearly have enough shoes or bags. Darn it I'm jealous of Anthropologie's employee discount.


Karyn said...

I'm trying to figure out how I can justify driving 120 miles round trip to work part time at our closest Anthropologie for that employee discount and a little extra income. Problem, time and gas cost.

Anonymous said...
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Vie Chaotique said...

Can you share the link. I haven't seen this...Thanks!

Sophie said...

Here is the link:
Or, if you log onto Anthropologie website, there's a link for Adorned on top where all the categories are listed.

Anonymous said...

I loooove seeing Yellena's artwork on Anthropologie!! It is an amazing combination for sure!!

I just love my visits here!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I guess A Fanciful Twist got there before I did! I was totally going to say the same thing about Yellena Chu. I remember being shocked to see the "fanciful garden" images on the Anthro website only two weeks after buying one of Yellena's prints on Etsy! And I just randomly found her for the first time on Etsy too! I remember rejoicing, thinking to myself, "I have the same taste as Anthropologie!" Good job with the blog!


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