Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Vintage Steamer Trunk

I found this trunk on Free People website and wanted to share it with you just 'cause it's so unusual.Looking for a new and original storage piece that doubles as conversation piece for your home?
Who needs dressers when you can play out your flapper fantasies and store your dainties in a vintage style Steamer Trunk.

Here is the description from Free People website:
A more feminine interpretation of the classic early 1920's steamer trunk. Brightly colored patchwork quilts cover the outside, while the inner drawers are lined with beautiful satin and decorated with hand-painted flowers. Once used to fit under the bunk of a steamship cabin, our modern day interpretation can be used as a decorative and functional piece in your home or wardrobe. The outer shell is made of thick plywood, while the drawers and decorative framework are made of Burmese teak, with brass hardware throughout. The trunk is 23.5" long, 23.5" wide, and 46" high.

The price tag on this piece of furniture/luggage engineering is $2700.


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