Sunday, October 5, 2008

Victorian Overkill

As the October Catalog arrived in the mail, I was so taken with the beautiful photography and the exotic (in an Alaskan kind of way) scenery that at first I didn't contemplate the clothes much. Once I started looking at what I might like to wear from this catalog I was left with so few options. Most of the clothes did not appear wearable to me, which is of course a big disappointment. If I can't find something I like in Anthropologie, where in the world will I buy my clothes?
The Cairn Bolero Jacket above was a mistake. Instead of flattering the figure (something I expect clothes to do) it makes one appear short and fat (This may not apply to 6 ft tall anorexic ladies, but for future references, most of what I say doesn't apply to them). As for that ridiculous bow on top, I'm a firm believer that no woman over the age of ten should wear bows.

Little House on the Prairie?
Would someone please tell me what is attractive about this look? Yes, the photography is gorgeous, but the clothes people, the clothes! That skirt is sure to make any bottom look twice its size and who needs that? And don't even get me started on that blouse.
Lately Anthropologie has gotten a little too carried away with Victorian (or is it new England Protestant?) styles. A little ruffle at the cuff or the hem of a skirt never hurt anyone, but give us at least some figure flattering lines! I don't know about you, but I grew out of wearing clothes that placed me in another era a long time ago. I like my clothes to be interesting and out of the ordinary, but not in a way that will make me look like I just came off the set of dinner theater. (Just for the record I adore period fashion and can't get enough of movies that include it. If I lived two hundred years ago I'd probably be overjoyed to dress up in all those gorgeous gowns and riding jackets, although with my luck I might have been a peasant woman living on the farm and wearing gray sackcloth dresses.)

Victorian Overkill

What occasion would one have to wear this jacket? I'd like it much more if it didn't have that bow and all those buttons on it.
I could have handled this Haimaey blouse without the "old maid schoolteacher" collar and those ruffles down the front.

Belfries Tie-neck. Yes, a big bow around my neck is all I needed... to look like a POODLE!

Never could stomach ruffles anywhere in the vicinity of the chest.

Grrr, WHY?


Ellabee said...

Ummm... Why so cynical about Anthropologie??? When I found your blog I thought it would be fun to keep up with because, I too, love their styles. Wasn't there ANYTHING in that catalog you liked??? Although I admit I dig the ribbons and bows and ruffles (because I'm a girly-girl and I love all that Victorian hoohaa), there were also some lovely dresses and gloves and shoes that I thought would be appropriate and likeable for just about anyone...

Anonymous said...

I agree completely. I'm definitely girly, and I love vintage clothing, but I like clothes with a flattering silhouette and a nod to a past era, not something that looks like a period costume.

@Ellabee--I can't speak for the blog author, but I looked at the catalogue and while there are a few things I liked, they would not be flattering on someone who isn't model proportions. I loved the home decor shots, though.

Anonymous said...

I agree. the clothes this fall are way to fussy for my 5'3" figure. but the shoes--swoon.

Kali Ramey Martin said...

Me likey:

Anonymous said...

I completely agree, 100%. I like to think of myself as an Anthropologie connoisseur (though without a blog such as yours to prove it!), but when I got the new catalogue I was a bit taken aback at how little I desired some of the clothes and how much I was criticizing them. Normally it is "I want this, this, this..." until my head explodes with clothing wow-ness. I think they may have tried too hard this time. I'm sure the next round will improve much (at least we can still purchase older fashions on the website!).

Apparently "ellabee" has yet to read posts ASIDE from this one, because if she had, she would notice that you normally cherish and gush over most Anthropologie/Free People items, hence the blog name. It's a shame certain people do not carry common sense with them at all times.

Anonymous said...

I agree as well. I Love Anthropologie but was disappointed with the new catalog (crossing my fingers for the next one).

Anonymous said...

7th the motion. Too victorian for my taste. I still heart the shoes, but the clothes this season is a bit...well... it "ruffled" my feathers.

Anonymous said...

Jeez ellabee, god forbid our blogger express anything other than genuflection and worship towards the altar of Anthropologie! God forbid she exhibit judgment and her own personal preference! How dare she!

As another commenter said, please read the other posts in this blog, because there's a lot of Anthropologie love there. Just because someone likes a store doesn't mean they have to like every single thing they ever sell there. Not liking something that looks frumpy and is unflattering doesn't mean she's cynical. Sheesh.

Seriously, as another girly girl who loves Anthropologie clothes, this catalog was quite disappointing, and many of the clothes, which have appeared in my local store are actually unflattering. I'm about 5'5", on the skinny/bony side, and the clothes make me look like a munchkin extra from the Wizard of Oz.

Ellabee said...

Wow, one critical comment and y'all get your backs up!

Sunako and anonymous, I have read ALL of Breakfast at Anthropologie. Sophie does love Anthropologie, but I was sad to find that in her latest post she didn't have anything positive to say. I just don't see how their latest styles are not "wearable" or "attractive" or suitable for anyone who is not built in "model proportions."

I am not built like a model. I am 5'7, 140 pounds and I have freakish curves. Nearly everything I buy has to be tailored to fit me right, so I'm used to compromising.

I love Anthropologie because their pieces are so unique and feminine. If you don't like a style, you don't have to wear it, but fashion is a way of expressing yourself artistically. I often see pieces at Anthropologie that I would NEVER wear, but that doesn't mean I think they would be completely unattractive or unsuitable for someone else. We are unique. Each and every one of us.

It was just sad that Sophie was critical of absolutely everything. Maybe she was having a bad day. I wasn't trying to pick a fight. I was just offering a little critical feedback of my own.

Sophie said...

Ladies, ladies put away those claws!

Sunako, thanks for your comment, you've expressed my sentiments perfectly. This blog is a reflection of my personal opinions and tastes and I don't expect everyone to agree with what I say.
Ellabee, don't be sad, the next post will be a gushing one. For the record, I'm a very very picky shopper. You should see me buying appliances, it drives my husband crazy.

dty said...

omg. how come i never came across this blog before. thank you. i'm also utterly obsessed w/ anthropologie. your blog is like a club.
and yes, i agree, many of the most recent clothes are a little too victorian inspired. but i have faith in them. they'll read up on sales & realize that 'literal' interpretations w/ ill-fitting silhouettes just don't work for us modern-day gals.

keep it up.

Anonymous said...

yay! great blog ! I found you while searching for a "free shipping" code lol! totally agree with you, loved the shoes though !

anahi said...

yay! great blog ! I found you while searching for a "free shipping" code lol! totally agree with you, loved the shoes though !

Anonymous said...

Yes-I agree-These clothes make the models look like 1980's evangalical church moms. Yuck-a-doodle. C'mon anthro-usually you do so well. Enough with the bell skirts-forced little velveteen bows and silly fop blouses. A return to wearable beauty please!!!!

Anonymous said...

ellabee writes: "Wow, one critical comment and y'all get your backs up!"

No, ellabee, YOU've got your back up. Because you do not understand the difference between criticizing the clothes, and criticizing a person for having an opinion.

Sophie criticized the clothes. You are welcome to take a completely different view of the clothes, which you did, and which is fine. However, you crossed the line when you criticized *Sophie* for being cynical. That is an ad hominem criticism, and not really appropriate.

And then, a few people called you on it, and you hilariously, and defensively try to pretend that we're being defensive.

We're not being defensive, we just see a problem with someone like you who wants to throw sly little stone at Sophie, and then pretend to be all shocked when others call you on the bad behavior. Be careful, this is a nice blog, there are plenty of places where you wouldn't have just been called on it, but the stones would have come right back at you.

Anonymous said...

i loved the victorian vintage stuff!

Urban Elements said...

wow i loved all of the listed clothing. it's all gorgeous, especially the brown blazer.


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