Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tea Time Chandelier

When I saw the Tea Time Chandelier on Anthropologie website I had one of those speechless "This is so weird and awesome" moments. The chandelier looks like something that belongs in Mad Hatter's home.

Eighteen vintage teacups dangle from an arrangement of vintage silver serving trays, utensils and the teapot itself, as seven lights illuminate the scene.
Imagine company walking into your house and seeing this contraption hanging over your dining table. When it's time for tea, do you just reach up and pull a few cups down from the chandelier?

The price tag is $1,800, not too shabby for Mr Mad Hatter.

1 comment:

Anjali said...

Oh my gosh, my jaw totally dropped looking at that. It is so over-the-top I almost find it hideous but then it verges right back into awesome and amazing territory ;)


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