Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fall Arrivals

Lots of promising Fall arrivals have sprouted on Anthro site.
It seems that Anthropologie is determined to revive the Anthro of bygone
days, piling on all our favorite design features. We're seeing a lot of
retro-style cardigans, lace, embroidery and layered textures.
Though I'm hating how fast summer is zooming by, (why does time always
fly when you're having fun?), I am looking forward to wearing some
of these in cooler weather.
You can't go wrong with anything by Knitted & Knotted!
This embellished cardigan is also available in Petite. 

Also available in black

Available in 3 colors


Anthro Girl said...

The banded bouquets tunic is not my fave in person... at all.

However, I cannot wait for the Ardennes cardigan to get shipped to us.

Sophie said...

I just received the Ardennes Cardigan. It's gorgeous! I'll try too post a review tomorrow.


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