Friday, July 26, 2013

Reviews - Ardennes Cardigan and Knit Baseball Sweater

by Knitted & Knotted
First of all, let me say that apparently the camera adds 20lb, at least! And that's on top of the 20lb of post pregnancy weight I still need to loose. Second, judging from my generous proportions in the above picture, you'd be surprised to know that I squeezed myself into size Petite/Small. I'm 5"2 and wanted to make sure that the sleeves would not be too long. As it turns out, the sleeves are actually three quarter length, which is not apparent from the website pictures. 
The Ardennes Cardigan, is worthy of the Knitted & Knotted brand. It is one of those "special" cardigans, that you know you can only get from Anthropologie and that will attract approving glances everywhere you go. The front is embellished with felt applique and embroidered bullion knots. There are a few applique leaves in the back as well. The wool/cotton/alpaca knit is actually much lighter than I thought it would be. Since the fabric is so light, it doesn't have a lot of structure and would be prone to stretching. As you can see in the photo, the bottom front and the sleeves sorta hang, rather than hugging the body. The rest of the cardigan is pretty figure flattering with tailored darts in the front and back for shape. I would say that this cardigan runs true to size, only the sleeves being a little loose. 

If you were hoping to be able to open the buttons,
you can forget it about it. It can't be done. Instead of button holes, 
there are weaved loops that are way too small for the buttons to actually 
fit in and out of. I tried opening the buttons and they would not 
fit through the loops. It might work if you force it, which I didn't
want to do in fear of damaging the material. 

There's a little spool of thread and an extra button attached to the tag.

Overall, this is a very lovely and unique cardigan and for me, definitely a keeper!

by Sparrow

I was very attracted to this sweat when I saw it on Anthropologie website. It seemed easy to wear and very versatile, but with a few nice details like the buttons and mixed textures knit. Originally, I planned on ordering size Petite/Small. However, since it was out of stock, I decided to try Petite XS, which is what I'm wearing in the pictures. Though I would have appreciated having a little more room,  I wouldn't say that it's skin-tight.
This sweater is very comfortable, and I like that the sleeves on the Petite size end right where they should and don't need to be rolled up. You can't imagine how thrilled I am that Anthropologie started offering so many styles in petite sizes! 

Though I really wanted to love this sweater, I'm disappointing that the white portion is so sheer. I'm wearing a cami underneath and you can see it's outlines clearly. Also, the front and back knit is so delicate, it's one of those "will snag in no time" fabrics. I prefer not to invest into clothes that don't last. 

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thatdamngreendress said...

Love the classic knitted and knotted details- thanks for the review!
I was admiring the other pullover in store- really pretty shade of aqua...


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