Tuesday, July 16, 2013

First Dibs - 20 Styles From Anthropologie Archival Collection

This is the most exciting news Anthro has presented us with in a while! In honor of Anthropologie's 20th Anniversary, they are bringing back 20 classics from the past, entitled the Archival Collection. Anthro members can pre-shop this collection now.
So how do I really feel about the Archival Collection? On one hand, it's pretty awesome of Anthropologie to bring back some beloved old styles. Most of these were and I'm sure will be again, quite a hit. I'm pretty certain they will sell out like hot cakes. On the other hand, if I was already bringing back past hits, I could think of so many other ones I'd rather see back instead of a few of the not-so-exciting ones. Overall, this is a great step in the right direction and I do hope Anthro might surprise us with more revived classics in the future.
Archival Collection: Dotted Dress by Maeve

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