Monday, February 4, 2008

Anthropologie February 2008 Catalog

I like the look of rain boots with a mini-dress.

I don't know about the clothes, but I like the props in this one, reminds me of Gris Grimly . Love the cabbages!
"Mary" by Gris Grimly

I love the feel and the lighting in this page. It's magical! If only I can rock gently in this hammock all day long, kissed by sunlight streaming through the trees. The only problem is there are no trees in my backyard (or rather my Landlord's backyard, I like to call it mine) and there's not much sunlight in NY in February. I'm seriously considering planting some mushrooms in the backyard to compensate for all the other missing components. Can mushrooms be planted, or do they just sprout in wooded areas? I guess fake mushrooms would do just as well. Of course this cozy nook would not be complete without the curtains, but being, as I mentioned above, there are no trees to hang the curtains from , or the hammock come to think of it, all I'm left with are the soon to be planted mushrooms.

I like this Kissing Pleat bedding, but honestly I would never pay $248 for a queen duvet cover. Sadly, I don't fit the financial profile of an average Anthropologie shopper. I found very similar bedding at for a fraction of the price. Next to Anthrthropologie, even Pottery Barn prices seem like a bargain.
Contrast Tofted Quilt from Pottery Barn - $159 (Queen). I actually like it better than the the Anthropologie version. The multi-color tufts add a bit of whimsy to the white cotton voile.

Puffy Voile Quilt - $159


Anonymous said...

I love the first story of the Feb 08 catalog...the one in the gypsy truck is a little weird. I don't like the model. The cover is gorgeous!

Patrick and Tiffany said...

So I stumbled upon your blog bc I was searching for a picture of the Anthropologie Spotlight dress...And I just thought I would say...You should move to the south. You seem like a southern girl at heart. You would love the countryside and mountains here in southern TN/ north Georgia. Just thought I would share :)
-from one artist and Anthropologie lover to another


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