Thursday, February 14, 2008

What Does Your Store Say About You

On my recent visit to Anthropologie, I've noticed that they are stocking up on items that were made in Africa, a continent that has been troubled by all sorts of maladies. From hunger to disease, from tribal wars to dictators of all kinds, and (unfortunately) etc, etc, and etc.

I can picture the seasonal meeting of Anthropologie buyers going something like this: The head Product Development Manager goes: "I think African-made products will go well with our shoppers, the news that comes out of countries like Rwanda, Somalia, and Sudan are probably big on their minds."
I am sure that the motive behind the new 'humanitarian' inventory is not all altruistic, and I don't really care. As long as, the financial benefit actually trickles down to those that need it, the struggling people of the African continent. Especially women and children who are scarcely involved in much of the political turmoil but suffer disproportionately amidst growing
Anyway, as I was pondering all of this it has occurred to me that we, as Anthropologie shoppers can at least partially pat ourselves on the back. Our store is a reflection of our concerns and interests. So if our store carries 'humanitarian' items for sale, it implies that we, Anthropologie shoppers are humanitarian. What does your store say about you?

As I was taking my sweet time to put this post together, lo and behold I received an e-mail from Anthropologie with a link to Treasures of Africa, a collection of African made and African inspired products.

1. Shweshwe mug - $18, 2. Port Elithabeth Pitcher - $68, 3. Lotus Bowl - $4, 4. Shweshwe Dinner Plate - $24

Sgraffito Vase - $128, handmade in South Africa

Click here to see more from the Treasures of Africa collection.


jacquelyn said...

I have to wonder what the wholesale price is on these. I am betting the mark-up is quite high. But it is still pretty!

Teresa @ good-grace said...

I get their emails, but I must have missed the "treasures from africa" one.

Anonymous said...

the sgraffito vase is now on sale for $49.95!


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