Thursday, February 28, 2008


The March Anthropologie catalog is delicious in every conceivable way. The exotic setting is gorgeous and gives me, a person who does way too little traveling, a glimpse of a foreign culture.
The photography is gorgeous! The clothes are totally gorgeous! It's been a while since I gushed like this over a catalog, but this one is worthy of Anthropologie in every way.

I call this page "Glamor among the four legged".

Browsing through this catalog I've been inspired to nag my husband to take me on a holiday. Of course I'll have to make a few necessary acquisitions from Anthropologie to prepare myself for the trip. Wonder if the sexiness of these clothes will be preserved with two kids in tow.

March catalog is loaded with dresses. Actually, come to think of it, out of all the stores I know of, Anthropologie has the largest selection of dresses. From feminine, to cute, to sexy, to exotic, if you're in a market for a dress, chances are you'll find a bunch of candidates at Anthropologie.


Anonymous said...

anthro's new wholesale line showroom pics!!

Teresa @ good-grace said...

agreed! I just love, love LOVE their catalogs ... always soooo full of inspiration and so beautiful!! (gonna go check out that flickr link from anon...)

Randy York said...

Notice the Square Sun Screen maybe California sun bounce on the Red Dress of her walking.

Anyway, I am glad you are doing this, I love Anthropologie's Photography!!!



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