Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pavo Tee

How many smiles can Anthropologie pack into one t-shirt? The Pavo Tee makes me think of sunshine, lemonade and bygone days when clothes were not mass-produced. Adorned with patchwork plumage and decorated with topstitching and little buttons, this t-shirt makes me smile every time I look at it. Sure $68 might be a bit much for a mere t-shirt, but then again this is not just a mere t-shirt.


jacquelyn said...

I love your blog! I too am an Anthropologie addict. I tell myself it's okay to pay th prices they charge and talk myself into it every time.

I was thinking about ordering this shirt that you posted about, though yellow is not really my colr---so I did not.

I'll be adding you to my "Blogs I Read" list over at

jacquelyn said...

I also wanted to add that I am skimming your blog and I love it! You and I have a lot os the same tastes. I have actually purchased a lot of the Anthro and UO stuff you have blogged about. I saw that you commented on my blog too and I was glad I was able to hook you up with free Anthro shipping. I know it has been a lifesaver for me, as I order most things due to the fact that I need a 14 or XL due to my bust (and sadly it seems they rarely carry these sizes in the store).

Anyway, just wanted to say good job and it is fun to kn ow I have a kindred spirit!


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