Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Unique and Beatiful Gifts

Gifts On a Budget

Just because you're on a tight budget, doesn't mean you can't procure a nice gift for that special someone. The gifts bellow are literally dirt cheap, but so cute! As you might have noticed all these are feminine gifts. I didn't put up any gift ideas for men because, quite frankly, I never know what men like/want/need. Every time I ask my husband what he wants the answer is always the same - Intangibles.

Leather Nature Coin Purse - $10 (Comes in other colors)

Tatto Etched ID Case - $12, Urban Outfitters

Girly Girl Hipster - $18

Tapestry Compact Mirror - $10 from UrbanOutfitters.com

A Gift of Art from Belle & Boo

Lets Hug - $30

Found - $30

Summer Woolly - $30

Mid-Range Gifts

Chantilly Slip - $39.95 (sale price), Anthropologie

Textile Museum Drops - $68 from Anthropologie

Belle & Boo's Lovely Day - $50, limited edition signed and numbered screen print,
only 30 in existence!

If You're Feeling Really Generous

Embroidered Sterling Silver Potpourri Pendant - $179, Embroidered floral cameos, framed in handcrafted sterling, on braided leather cords from Peruvian Connection

Magnolia Drops - $248, Anthropologie

Take Wing Ring - $750, Hand hammered of 18kt gold with white and
champaign diamonds from Sundancecatalog.com

Harmony Ring - $220, Sundancecatalog.com


Julie Collings said...

hi sophie,
i am thrilled to find your blog! i live in utah and have always loved going into the anthropology in salt lake city, there is such an abundance of artistic inspiration there.
i find here in your blog and photos you have selected the same wonderful energy i feel in my store, but with such a fabulous new york flair.
thank you for the gorgeous peek through your eyes at all the lovely wonders. the jewelry on this post is magical, i want to try making some jewelry with silver metal clay and some antique lace pieces i have collected after seeing the textile museum drops you posted. thank you for all the inspiration and the lovely dose of spring.
take care, julie

Nicole said...

I love these picks! Your blog is so cute and Anthropologie is wonderful... a little overpriced sometimes, but so chic!

Thanks for posting :)


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