Monday, February 4, 2008

Butterflies Everywhere

Butterflies are everywhere! I don't know about you, but frankly I'm starting to OD on butterflies. I'm curious, are there crowds of women out there, going about their daily business clad in butterflies? I'd love to know (Ok, I confess, I don't get out much).

Butterflies in Spring Oilily Collection

I have to admit I like this skirt. Out of all the butterfly fashion I've seen so far it's the least offensive.

Butterflies in Anthropologie

I don't dig maternity clothes. I hated them when I was pregnant and I positively refuse to wear them when I'm not.

Decorating with Butterflies

Butterfly art prints from Pottery Barn.

Butterfly Shadow Boxes from Anthropologie

Butterfly Mirrors from I wish I was a kid again so I can live in this room.

Butterfly trays from Pottery Barn

Butterflies on the Runway. What have these designers been smoking?

Alexander McQueen buterfly flats

When you're feeling trully deranged, something to help you dress for the part. By Luly Yang.


LOGUE said...

Nice post. where did you dig all these butterflies up? season it's Locust.


Hello from Canada! I just did a post on Luly Yang you might like! Loving your blog!

Anonymous said...

So cool! What a great post.


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